Review of the film: Chef

Film review: Chef

A comedy rated R, for raunchy language in my book, but I recommend the movie. Jon Favreau, actor/director, portrays a passionate chef who quits his job because his creative talents are stifled by a controlling restaurant owner (Dustin Hoffman).

Shy of two hours running, main character, Chef Carl Casper (Favreau) manages to wake up to the fact he needs to develop a relationship with his son. The divorced chef first had to break his habit of hurriedly entertaining his son on the weekends.

Although bad language makes my ears hurt, it’s a sad but very real part of humanity, and I was able to applaud this movie. It shows how human beings make mistakes but can correct them.

Not only did the chef regain his composure after losing his job, he connected with his son. The chef expressed his creativity, showing it comes with hard-work, and his son, in the meantime, showed his dad how valuable he was; more than a sponge to be entertained.

The chef even listened to his ex-wife, and followed through on her ideas. In the end, they re-married.

Ricocheting in the background is today’s society, enamored by social media, and its consequences. The film played on Twitter, showing how a few words can impact our course in life.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “Millions of unprejudiced minds are waiting and looking for rest and drink. They are simple seekers for Truth, weary wanderers thirsty in the desert. Give them a cup of cold water[1] with Christ’s attitude and never fear the consequences. Watch out, because the old dragon may cause a torrential uproar to drown the Christ-idea. However, the dragon can’t destroy “an instrument through which only truth can speak.”[2] The truth of being will be understood. The earth will help. People who are ready for the blessing will give you thanks. The river will be calmed, and Christ will command the wave.”

[1] Matt. 10:42

[2] Peace Pilgrim, Her Life and Work in Her Own Words. New Mexico: Ocean Tree Books, 1982.



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