Using the purchase power of wisdom

Yesterday after church, we had to pick up a few groceries. Inside the store, Christmas stuff peeked out of every shelf. Holiday food, little gifts, cutesy decor.

Marketers are pros at appealing to the masses.

The music, the bright colors, the desire to be a part of the fun—all play into our purchasing.

It was a test of my self-discipline not to buy items I don’t need.

It’s unnecessary to spend too much and buy into things we don’t need or want. We can change our ways, we can repent, and use the wisdom God gave us.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “Repentance is more than contrition or feeling really bad. It must be lived out with sincerity. Effective repentance reforms thinking and enables human beings to do the will of wisdom.

“There are many self-help books on the market that assist us in yielding to a Higher Power, however “mind-cures,” or “mental medicines” that operate through human mind or the earth’s energy are as material as conventional medicine. The treatments don’t break their own barriers and only try to mimic divine Science. This is similar to when Moses had Aaron throw his staff on the ground before Pharaoh, and the staff became a snake. Imitating Aaron, Pharaoh’s cohorts threw their sticks down to become snakes, but Aaron’s snake swallowed the copies.[1] The system of divine Science is purely mental. We must embrace spiritual Mind with its power to cure. God, Love, Mind, is the healing factor. Christian Science rests on the conception of God as the only Life, substance, intelligence, and the only factor in the healing work.

“To reach heaven, the harmony of being, the divine Principle of being needs to be understood and the talents[2] given to us by God must be improved. God is not separate from the wisdom bestowed.”

[1] Ex. 7:8–12

[2] Matt. 25:15; Luke 19:13



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