Quiet thanks

The Thanksgiving Holiday is near here in the United States. It makes me think of praise, giving thanks, and being grateful, each action having their own nuance. Thanksgiving always reminds me of a religious practice because giving thanks seems irrevocably connected to God.

However, I can glimpse back to when the pilgrims and Native Americans were eating wild game, squash, and corn, and see them very thankful for the physical food, especially after surviving starvation.

Today, the habit of overeating during Thanksgiving creates a heavy fog over the Holidays.

I’ve asked Richard Fischer, a student of divine Science, a few questions for dialogue.

Do you think spiritual self-control can over balance the stress on physical food on Thanksgiving Day?

Richard: Thanksgiving isn’t a day, it isn’t family gatherings, and it sure can’t be food. Thanksgiving is knowing and believing in who and what we are. Thanksgiving is knowing we are trying to make the world a better place for ourselves and everyone. I’ve noticed that as I age, I make less emphasis on food and more on quiet thanks.

Is your view of Thanksgiving shifting?

Richard: Thanksgiving became a time of cooking, food, and a house full of family who we see twice a year and they live just down the street. Last year, I remember walking into a restaurant and seeing an older couple sitting across the table with a younger couple. All four people were staring down into their smart phones. Oh, and the baby was ignored.

How do you treat Thanksgiving, as a holiday, today?

Richard: Thanksgiving is waking up in the middle of the night lying next to my cats. It’s thinking good, and happy thoughts. It’s feeling the love I have for friends and family. Thanksgiving is going into myself, listening to my inner voice of reason. It’s hearing Angels in my time of need.




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