Muslim neighbors

I have more in common with people who practice Islam than I realized. After getting to know some new neighbors who are Muslims, I’ve been more open to learning about the faith.

Many views afford clearer views, so I not only speak with Muslims but also read about the faith.

The book, The Qur’an, by Bruce Lawrence has been interesting. Lawrence explains that the Qur’an was first enunciated by the Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad in early seventh-century Arabia. This fact portrays the feeling that the ideas in the book were inspired.

Therefore it is up to readers to read those words with the same inspiration in order to identify with correct meanings. The same goes for my Bible reading. I need to read the Bible through the lenses of love and spirit.

Lawrence also wrote, “Contexts are crucial. Although the Qur’an as a whole is authoritative, its content must be applied to particular contexts. Which aspect of the Qur’an applies and where? When does it apply and for whom?”

Unless the contexts in inspired writings of any kind are read correctly, the rhythm and spiritual power gets lost.

Readers can misinterpret the words and find misgivings and misfortunes. However, over the centuries, more good than bad has come out of reading scriptures. I’m thankful for the people who strive to read and practice faith with inspiration.

An old house in Boston, MA

An old house in Boston, MA


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