The power of intelligence

By attributing more and more intelligence to spirituality, and giving less and less power to physical laws and human beings, we promote wisdom and health.—21st Century Science and Health

The educational systems and technology seem interrelated with intelligence. Life experience on the other hand keeps proving that intelligence can’t be measured, quantified, or invented.

If we met a family that moved to a foreign culture, it wouldn’t surprise us that the children learn the new language quicker than the adults yet we wouldn’t say the children had more intelligence than the parents.

The more we learn about indigenous communities, even those who had no secular educational systems, the more we realize they were very intelligent.

Sometimes we meet very educated, scholarly people and yet they lack common sense.

Sometimes we meet uneducated people who are powerfully wise.

Animals express intelligence.

The kind of intelligence we want is found in infinite Mind, the divine universe. Spiritual intelligence tempers the world’s intelligence. It keeps us safe and guides us in times of trouble. Spiritual intelligence exists and we can always identify with it. We don’t have to earn it, create it, or restore it. Universal intelligence is ours to manifest and image forth.

Intelligence is connected to progress, forgiveness, insight, respect for others and our self, and healing. Intelligence can’t be destroyed or lost.

If intelligence seems to be lost, it is only clouded over by world-centric thinking, fear, arrogance, hypocrisy, and so on.

Fortunately, we have the one divine image, Christ, to remove the clouds and reveal spiritual intelligence, forever ours.



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