The reality and unreality of matter

We hear about the nothingness of matter, or that matter is an illusion, however, these statements require development. Because no one can logically walk around and think all the matter in front of our face is unreal.

Here is a little backup logic.

The matter that makes up the trees, cars, and bodies signifies substantiality.

But all that matter is changeable, temporal. So we call is illusive, or illusion. But it’s the changeableness that is illusion.

Looking past the changeable, to the substantial, we find what constitutes matter: dignity, fear, greed, honesty, gratitude, movement, joy, health, majesty, awe, cruelty, and audacity.

Life teaches us that the fear, greed, and cruelty lead to death; the death of intelligence, joy, and everything worth living for, so we try our darndest to get rid of the negative traits that seem so substantial.

We aim for the substantial qualities of life, truth, and love. We manifest life, truth, and love.

What do we call the manifestation?

The answers can be a conundrum. Beautiful trees, efficient cars, and healthy bodies.

So is that beautiful, efficient, and healthy matter? Or, is it the manifestation of beauty, efficiency, and health? The latter answer coincides with the unreality of matter and the reality of Spirit.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “The doctrines that our harmony is governed by physical conditions all our earthly days are fading. Matter is not superior to the law of Mind.”






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