Marijuana in New York

New York State is mulling over the legalization of marijuana. It’s a tough decision for some. My background doesn’t include marijuana so I have no personal experience other than being around a few other people who smoked it in the distance.

I don’t see the legalization of marijuana as right or wrong. I wish the suffering in the world wouldn’t necessitate temporal relief in the form of marijuana or any drug especially when they can be addictive.

The plight of addiction, or giving your mind to a drug, is unappealing. It generates the belief that marijuana can be helpful at times.

The belief that marijuana can be switched out for the opposite belief, that marijuana can be harmful. But, I’ve learned through the study of divine Science, not to vacillate back and forth between beliefs but to remove belief and hold to spiritual truths.

By habit, if the human mind focuses on the object at hand, marijuana, great debates ensue and policies are made. Then we wonder why marijuana is still an issue. Why does it creep back into the lime light?

It’s not the physical marijuana.

It’s “belief” that pokes its head at us. The belief that marijuana is good or bad.

Dissolve the belief. Don’t trade the belief for another belief. If you thought marijuana was helpful, don’t trade it for the belief that it is now harmful. Dissolve the belief that marijuana has power of any kind.

Dissolving belief is difficult because the human mind loses its hold when it no longer has anything to cling to. But, spiritual truths are present and available for recognition by our spiritual senses. And, spiritual truths give us a sense of progress. They help to eliminate constant regression.

Spiritual truths come across as abstract, but they lead past belief into understanding.

For example, attributes of divine Spirit include selfless joy, purpose, and honesty. I can see and feel these attributes around certain people. When I focus on them and try to express those attributes myself, interest in, or judgment of, marijuana fades. Humanity has the wisdom to use temporal powers properly, not abusively.

The spiritual attribute of wisdom also exists and if the vote comes to the public, I will assess the situation according to the current circumstances and make a decision nearest to spiritual truth, but without the belief that marijuana is helpful or harmful.



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