The sensibilities can expand

Marrakesh, Morocco lived up to its reputation for reconciling its prestigious past with contemporary dynamism. As visitors a few years ago, we ate from rooftops, peering over to see stucco walls and plain yet practical metal roofs, decorated with satellites. We walked the mazes within Medina (Old City), passing donkeys pulling carts and people talking on cell phones.

The beauty of the past and present embracing one another intermixed with a pluralist equilibrium. Different faiths coexisted and commingle. I felt the advancements made in religion, science, and business was working to undermine the intolerance I hear about all too often in the media.

I noticed the different culture stirred my sensibilities, however, those very sensibilities expanded and adapted and I met some very wonderful people and discovered we have much in common.


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2 thoughts on “The sensibilities can expand

  1. Richard Fischer June 25, 2014 at 12:25 pm Reply

    I love this. I call it being open, opening our eyes and hearts to new experiences. Imagine if we never took the risk to go outside ourselves, imagine how stagnate our lives and Spirit would become. When we refuse to really listen, and refuse to really try and understand, then we become stagnate. Our growing process dies away and we are left with an empty hole. We don’t have to agree with others, but we must listen and try to understand. This brings about peace and harmony. This brings God into the light, this brings love.

    • Cheryl Petersen June 26, 2014 at 8:10 am Reply

      Richard, your comment reminds me of a Dale Carnegie quote:
      “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear do not sit and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

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