Spiritual education


By Richard Fischer

My life experiences have been teaching me the power of thought. I’m realizing I want to depend on a good God for thoughts because the human mind’s thoughts can sometimes not be good.

I remember a few years ago reading and my daughter came into the room to introduce me to her friend. We all had a great conversation, discussing things we had in common, like music and spiritual ideas. Then the friend stunned me with her comment, “I’m dying,” and caught me off guard.

I asked, “What are you dying from?”

“I don’t know. I just know I won’t be around here soon.”

Her conviction reminded me to be careful what I focus on for thoughts.

This morning, my daughter told me her friend had died at 0230. I asked if they knew why she died.

“No, and she was only 39 years old.”

We talked more about the power of thought. I believe we are what we think.

Imagine if we were taught this in school.

Though I’m educated, I didn’t learn this spiritual power in school but from Healing Science. Thankfully, through my own personal experiences I’m learning we have a good Mind as the source of good thoughts that do make a difference for the better.


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