When technology replaces labor

Steam power, electrification, and industrial farming removed many manual laborers from the work force. Technology today continues to shift manual laborers to higher-value jobs.

Every new invention is sparked by thought. From 21st Century Science and Health, “In this world, thought rapidly brings to light many useful wonders.”

When my husband and I farmed a cherry orchard, we installed an underground irrigation system with automatic timers. We no longer needed to move irrigation pipe, or hand-line, every day. We no longer had to manually turn valves.

The time was spent learning how to use a computer so we could report mandated state and federal requirements in conjunction with farming.

Losing our job of moving hand line wasn’t depressing, like losing a job can be. But, losing our job forced me not to believe I was a robot, or human machine repeating the same behavior.

I slowly yield to new ideas. I look away from physics to metaphysics and discover ongoing divine Mind, ever supplying those very ideas that make, not only life, but myself, interesting.

courtesy modern farmer

courtesy modern farmer


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