Digging through sacred text or sacred thought?

If reading the Bible is a challenge for you, I recommend reading Bruce Feiler’s book, Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land through the Five Books of Moses.

Linking his own personal thoughts with the thoughts of Bible scholars, archeologists, and people who live in the eastern region today, Feiler broadens the view of the Pentateuch, considered sacred by Jews.

Feiler’s discourse on anachronism was helpful to me last night. An anachronism is define in Merriam-Webster as: something (such as a word, an object, or an event) that is mistakenly placed in a time where it does not belong in a story, movie, etc

For example, “Edom” is presented in the Bible during the patriarch era, however there is no archeological evidence that Edom existed then. Similar to “The Clock Strikes Three” in Shakespeare, when clocks were not invented yet.

Words and phrases get entered into text later. But, does that affect the spiritual integrity of the Bible?


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