Getting a pet for the family

Reading the February 2014 Ladies’ Home Journal, I came across “He Wanted a Dog, I Didn’t. Guess Who Won?” by Cindy Chupack. She wrote, “I said bringing a pet into a brand-new marriage would kill the romance. My husband insisted it would just mean more love for all of us.” Chupack remembered crying in the shower because she did not want to deal with a dog.

Whew, could I relate. I remember crying as I picked up dog poo from the lawn our children played in. But, I was glad to read that Chupack and I both experienced the same results.

We stayed married. And, the family dog was definitely part of the family.

Our dog, shep

Our dog, shep

Love comes in all sizes and shapes. The best love is the love we share and feel it returned. Pets return love before we even give it.

Their expression of love and intelligence attracts my mind to admit a universal love, God. This love does include discipline and response. The love also can be applied to health.

For the sheer fact that I didn’t think I had love for a dog (who later became my best friend), that means the love came from somewhere else. God.

The same can go for health. When I think I lack health, I can look to God. The love will inspire me to take care of myself and realize the best discipline and responses to follow through on.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “The godly thought impels a more exalted worship and self-discipline. Spiritual perception brings out the possibilities of being and destroys reliance on anything accept God. Action and thought were made to image forth our Maker.

“Love’s discipline is wholesome. As Love corrects us, we advance toward justice, peace, and purity, which are the milestones of Science. Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause—wait on God. Then we make every effort to improve for the better. Spiritualized thought feels creative, free, and inspired, touching the divine glory.”




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