The Parent of Us All

It was getting late, well for me. I was reading and decided to stop reading after I read, “God is the Parent of all.” (Christian Science Practice) That sounded like a good note to end on before getting on my PJ’s and climbing into bed.

I had just dropped off to sleep when I heard an alarm go off. Then I realized it was the phone ringing. I scrambled out of bed but the caller hung up by time I answered. He left a message. It was our neighbor. He was asking for help.

As he was driving home, his car had slipped into and gotten stuck in a ditch.

Snow had made driving very slippery. It was probably 6 degrees outside.

I immediately called him back and within that minute, another driver had picked him up and taken him home. Our neighbor though asked me to help him pull his car out of the ditch. He had a 4-wheel truck and rope.

Sure, I said.

I put on coveralls, gloves, and a hat. Our neighbor came over to pick me up but he couldn’t see out the windshield because he didn’t have an ice-scraper. I get one for him and we scrap about an inch of ice and snow off the window.

We drove 2 and half miles. There is his car, in the ditch. We hook the rope between the two vehicles and pull out the car. We drive to his home. He drives me home and thanks me saying, “I can’t believe this happened, but am so thankful I can call you like you’re my parents.”

My first thought was one of respect for his parents for raising him so well for the last twenty-three years. He is thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, sober, and kind.

After climbing back into my bed again, I felt tears well up. Ah, God is the parent of us all and God will take care of us even in the dark cold night.


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