Wear the armor to save our self

The knight in shining armor idiom can be traced back to 500-1500 C.E. (A.D.). In medieval time, knights were soldiers on horses who were also supposed to help and protect women.

Knights are obsolete, however, we still hear the phrase, “I’m looking for a knight in shining armor to rescue me from my boring life.” But, this is fantasy.

We don’t want to let fantasy become an object in our thought.

And, we don’t want to be fooled by modern day versions of the fantasy, such as believe a rich, successful person will save us from boredom or poverty or depression.

Our deliverer is  our ability to clearly discern present day reality and the make mindful progress. God has sent the Christ idea to guide our thoughts. Step-by-step, thought-by-thought, we can discover permanent health and happiness. Oftentimes, we will meet people on this journey, however, it isn’t the people who save us, but the continual flow of forward moving ideas.

If armor is involved, we can use it to guard our minds to live the good life God created.


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