Hotflashes and my cape

???????????????????????????????Not being Superman or a Queen, I’ve never worn a cape. Until a couple of weeks ago. The cape though is a hoodie. An old one at that. But it does the trick.

More than a couple of times during the day, I wrap the cape around me only to throw it swiftly back off for a few minutes. Yes, hot flashes.

My prayers naturally touch on this stage of human life—menopause. However, I don’t pray to get rid of the hot flashes as if they are some evil thing. I don’t pray to cope with the hot flashes as if God gives us tests.

I pray to know God more and that my whole being is included in this knowing.

My husband told me he heard a radio advertisement claiming it has pills to help relieve these hot flashes. But, it would only be a temporary help and I always ask, what are the side effects?

The cape is providing a temporary help, and its side effect makes me feel ridiculous enough to laugh at myself. I certainly don’t berate myself for having hot flashes or wearing a cape.

With a desire to see and know God, the human life less and less distracts me. My husband even told me last night, as he felt me warm up the immediate vicinity, “Cheryl you are radiating beauty.”

Good try, hubby. But, the love of God and the love we share, IS bigger. And, I will see it as the only power.

Later, I read this from 21st Century Science and Health, “Love is a protective covering. Wear it! Wrapped up in love, human hatred (or hotflashes) can’t reach you. The cement of a higher humanity will unite all interests in  the ???????????????????????????????one divinity.”


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