Snapped Glamor

The glamor of freelancing gives sparkle to reporting. I interview amazing people and learn that I can never stop learning.

But some days, circumstances snap any semblance of glamor.

Let’s take the other day for example.

During the warm summer afternoon, I get in the car to drive to the County Fair. Simple enough. However, after arriving and parking, I get out of the car and my bra hook breaks. The front bra hook doesn’t come undone, it breaks.

My dilemma. I do not want to go bra-less. My shirt is too thin. Moreover, the weather is humid enough that my clothes pretty much stayed in place. But soon enough, I am walking around looking like my breasts are under my armpits.

I interview people and then attend a Vesper Service. For decades, the Delaware County Fair has been holding a Vesper Service for those who are at the fair but too busy to go into town to attend church.

An award was handed to a Pastor who serves the community extensively. So, I stand up, along with everyone else, to applaud, and my camera falls through the stadium seats/steps down to the dirty ground. I conspicuously leave the seating area and crawl under the stadium to retrieve my camera.

Out from under the stadium, I go interview a gal who shows Jersey cows. I almost ask her if she has some baling twine, so I can wire my bra back together. But, instead of pay attention so as not to walk on a cow paddie.

I don’t like it when a gnat flies into my nose.

Alas, I watch a couple of children trying to milk an invented, high tech cow and I smile. The glamor of our jobs is the perception of  wisdom, innocence and joy.

An invented cow that can be milked

An invented cow that can be milked


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