The History of Spirituality VI

One of the original halls at Boston College

One of the original halls at Boston College

The last book our class on Spirituality in Christian life analyzed was, We Drink from our own Wells, by Gustavo Gutierrez. This man quoted from the Bible extensively, which was a nice relief to see that Jesus’ theology is regarded. Gutierrez’s type of spirituality embraces a ministerial approach; knowing and meeting the fundamental needs of the poor.

The logic behind this type of spiritual practice is to encourage the poor to rise to their full potential. They don’t need to be victims of poverty. This methodology does, however include the class of richer people to recognize their potential to come down in self-esteem and share their wealth.

Class discussion came from experience. While helping the poor, we can sometimes be taken for granted and abused. Quite often material improvement goes wasted. No one felt like giving up. We will continue the pursuit of spirituality, the true underlying force behind becoming more aware of God, reality.

After two weeks of intense focus on spirituality in the Christian life, I was ready to come home and continue working.


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