Seriously God?

Just when I have a perfect excuse to get upset, God goes and fixes the situation so that I no longer have an excuse.

Yesterday I drove to a distant town to meet a person who wanted to be interviewed. As a local newspaper reporter, and a mediocre writer, I set up these kind of appointments regularly. Most people make it, and on time.

While waiting, my neighbor walks in.

Adam Riva head shot

Our neighbor

I love this neighbor. We hug. Within 14 seconds he learned I was waiting and I learned he had just finished a 25 minute public presentation at college. He says, “Hey, let’s sit down, I have time.” So we sit down and start laughing and catching up.

My interviewee never shows up. Could I be annoyed? Nope.

I drive home happy. My neighbor is doing well, and we always talk about God and how important it is to focus on God and keep an open mind, always asking questions yet looking for progressive answers, because there is no complete truth in the human realm. But, we can identify with the spiritual realm and spiritual truths. Seriously.

I hear a lot of talk about forgiving and living love. It must have validity, because serendipitously things work out and circumstances allow me to do so.

I can even remember a time when I was came down with the flu. Nauseous. Aha, I covertly thought, now I won’t have to volunteer tomorrow. But, a few minutes later, I prayed and sure enough, within 30 minutes the illness was gone. Seriously God, what’s this, the 30 minute flu? I guess so, but I was happy to volunteer the next day, feeling good.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Tim. 1:7, ESV


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2 thoughts on “Seriously God?

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