Timeline with No Time

The Bible spans millenniums. Taking the event of divine healing, a timeline can be drawn that includes Hannah, Elisha, Peter and John. Hannah was barren for years. After being prayed for, she bore children (I Samuel 1). Elisha heals polluted waters (II Kings 2). Peter and John healed a lame man (Acts 3:1)

Hannah                                                             Elisha                     Peter and John


Collapse the timeline and the idea of healing is found alive and well throughout all time.

Now, I can be a skeptic. Biblical people have an upper-hand, right? No, not really. I can easily collect more information and add to the timelessness of divine healing.

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist faith, prayed for, and received, divine healing. Wesley was also acutely aware of the mid-18th century social conditions and encouraged a practical ministry that advocated healthy lifestyles and cleanliness.

Mary Baker Eddy, a 19th century spiritual leader left behind documented evidence of successful healing through the power of spiritual understanding.

As the 20th century opened up, Smith Wigglesworth was found traveling the world, giving many proofs of divine healing.

Mid-20th century, Charles and Frances Hunter ministered to thousands of people, healing many who needed it.

I’ve experienced divine healing, and continue to feel encouraged as time collapses and God’s power is seen as effective today as it was yesterday.

John Wesley                Mary Baker Eddy   Smith Wigglesworth    Hunters           me



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3 thoughts on “Timeline with No Time

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