Easter Reflection

So, the method of determining Easter Day has been modified over the millennium. In the third century, the Council of Nicea directed the celebration to occur the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the spring (vernal) equinox. But, times and thoughts have changed, and Easter now occurs the fourteenth day of a lunar month occurring on or next after March 21, without regard to the real moon. Basically, Easter is determined according to a fixed set of ecclesiastical calendar rules.

But, I’ve been watching the moon at night. It is very full right now. It lights up the night. And, because we still have snow on the ground here in upstate New York, the night is not dark. Curiously, all the light is reflected light, since there is no sun to be seen.

The moon reflects the sun light to earth. The snow reflects the light upward.

We are the reflection of God, Love, Life.

Christ Jesus proved eternal life is ours by means of reflection. It isn’t something we own or need “to get.” God is Life and we reflect life.



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