Being Faithful to Yourself

court house at christmasIf we didn’t think and talk about worthless topics, we would be prone to more epiphanies. The epiphanies naturally expand into experiences and we feel a secret victory.

In the encounter of life, good and goodness become more hearty and persistent as it reduces the activity of evil. The threats of evil rivet our attention on actions that secure the good and we become “faithful over a few things.” We are being prepared to be “put in charge of many things.” (Matt. 25:23)

Are you a child learning not to worry your parents or care takers? Are you a husband or wife learning not to demand unrealistic expectations? Are you a partner learning not to take another for granted? Are you an employee or employer learning to serve humankind with honesty? Remember, for all the days you forget to take a stand for good, you alone will make amends.

Mistakes are made however admit the wisdom gained instead of justifying the mistake and correction will be less harmful. Another mistake will not remedy the first mistake.

Progress requires work, mental and physical work, and the time to work is now. Only with straightforward effort, undistracted by self-righteousness or self-pity, will you win.

Do not blame others if your spiritual progress is vague. To follow faithfully is to practice what the teacher teaches and not expect the teacher to do your work for you.

Every great woman and man can be found on the trajectory of patience and perseverance. Faithfulness is entered by first purifying your thought and then putting thought into words and words into deeds. These steps will be slippery or mucky however your sincerity and humility will find a reward and strength in exalted purpose.

Human hopes deceive. Human philosophy, ethics, and scholastic theology mislead. Physics and quantum energy fields are insufficient to enlighten. Having one God and an undivided affection for spiritual reality will draw you to that which is worthy and worthwhile.

Being faithful to God is being faithful to your spiritual light. Spending too much time on the cares of the world or on manipulating the pains and pleasures of the flesh will diminish your wealth of spirituality.

Truth will cost you your fears, beliefs, false devotions, intriguing data, and lame formalities. Be willing to pay the price of Truth so you can be move forward with God and feel the exclamation, Job well done.


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