Merry Christmas 2012

hobbes with lights backgroundUpstate New Yorkers are relishing in a white Christmas today. Here is a list of “good news” I’ve heard over the last few days that reflects cooperation rather than confrontation:

  1. A mother and her family fasted, rather than gorged, on a holiday.
  2. An atheist wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, and celebrates the holiday similar to everyone else with her family yet in their own way.
  3. A woman, who is financially finding it difficult to pay to heat her house in NY, was offered a free trip/cruise in exchange for her artist talent. She will be teaching watercolor on the ship in a temperate zone while her house is closed for winter months.
  4. Children are being looked at through the eyes of patience and humility.

What have you heard this season that provoked an expanded view of life?




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