Don’t Take For Granted Our Right to Vote

Yes, your vote is important and yes, it takes time to evaluate the best candidate for the job. I know, daily demands can keep us from researching the candidates and voting. We can also simply be turned-off by political advocates who come across as pushy.

But, make time to vote and don’t be mesmerized or offended by the propaganda and bashing. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We don’t have to vote for each and every office or directive but we can logically and honestly select what we can handle.

Although it is a whopping challenge, votes should signify the support of efficiency, integrity, and fairness. It is futile to cast a vote based on a particular religion, someone’s race, or how fancy they can talk. We can detect false promises, steer away from them and instead vote for the reasonable minded leaders and laws.

Oddly, our vote is not a final say. We will need to vote again and again because leaders and laws are in constant flux. Since circa 1787, voting rights have evolved and will continue to do so but the basic principle governing voting is that voters should have a stake in society.


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