Demonstrate Force of Christian Science

Fundamentally, divine Science is about metaphysics. This lesson is based on Christian Science, another term for divine Science, as developed by 19th century spiritual leader, Mary Baker Eddy. Other metaphysicians may use similar methods, but Eddy’s stellar record proved her mastery of technique.

Terms should not be a problem for typical students, including you. The seven concepts defined below use easily understood words. You then can use simple demonstrations to complement the terms.

  • Mind is one, the only Mind that knows all.
  • Spirit is presence
  • Soul is intelligent force
  • Life is eternal, without beginning or end.
  • Truth is unstoppable power
  • Principle is united cause and effect
  • Love makes goodness happen

To demonstrate one Mind, sit quietly and muse over the fact that every human being seems to have a mind of their own, full of differing opinions, unrealistic expectations, and histories. Set those minds aside. Also, set aside your own opinions, conflicting expectations, and history. Now, with a mindful attitude, acknowledge a divine Mind that knows wellbeing and a holy purpose. Acknowledge this divine Mind to be the only Mind, your Mind. You can then see how you are free from those millions of human minds.

Spirit can be demonstrated at the same time as Mind. When divine Mind is acknowledged, you are in Spirit.

Soul is a frequently used word but often gets confused with a person’s personality. Simply understand that Soul is coherent force. We express Soul to interact and relate and this can be done anywhere and at any time and by all people. Every person has access to the one divine Soul.

To demonstrate Life, without beginning or end, is to live for Spirit. This requires less effort to live for what we term our own physical body and more effort to live for spiritual mindedness. We do not ignore the body, but we let divine Spirit inform us how properly to care for the body rather than the body or human mind telling us what to do.

Truth is demonstrated by loving and respecting what is best for humanity and the world, not just what is best for yourself or a select group of human beings.

To demonstrate Principle is to acknowledge one origin and creation, ever connected. When moving throughout your day, don’t assume there are many causes and many effects, all happening at different times. You can express the one cause and effect of good, without a time lapse between the cause and effect. Principle caused an upright, moral, healthy creation, yesterday, today, and forever.

Love is demonstrated as our human mind, spirit, soul, and life yields to the truth that there is one force and it loves us deeper than we can imagine. This allows us to relinquish our human attitudes and habits. We stop fighting for human approval or disapproval. We start flowing with the united force of Love that interacts and relates to health, happiness, and our world.



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5 thoughts on “Demonstrate Force of Christian Science

  1. Julia August 31, 2012 at 4:39 pm Reply

    Cheryl, Thank you so much for this. Of course just now I needed to read this. So very helpful and as I read it I could feel a release, a freedom, a lightness. Thank you.

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  5. Johna793 June 21, 2014 at 11:17 am Reply

    Very informative blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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