Languages of the World

The numbers are a guesstimate however it if figured that there are between 6800 and 6900 distinct languages spoken in the world. So, when I read the book, Globish: How the English Language Became the World’s Language, by Robert McCrum, I didn’t go assuming the English language is common knowledge. Even those of us who speak the English language don’t understand it very well.

It isn’t through the English language that truth is spoken, as I can vouch when my husband tells me he loves me without words. In my pursuit of God—or rather, as God keeps getting my attention with some pretty amazing things—I realize there is a spiritual language.

The idea of a substantial spiritual language became even clearer to me as I revised Mary Baker Eddy’s book and produced 21st Century Science and Health.  Engraved images, or words, were wiped off my mental slate. The idol of human language broke apart and blend into the ground. It was freeing in that my communication with God, Love, could be better focused on, however it was a bit scary because all my favorite words or verses no longer feigned comfort.

I will continue to read, and it will probably be the written word in the English language. What I read however only shines a light on new human thoughts. The crux and power is when the human mind then yields, and I commune with divine Spirit.


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