Church Hopper Visits Quaker Meetings

Church hopping is my thing nowadays. Granted, religious organizations have their pitfalls but, I am not unsatisfied with church. I like visiting the many different societies. I can look past the bureaucracy and feel comfortable at the services.

Church hopping is similar to walking in New York City’s Times Square and experiencing everything from entrepreneurship, pierced bodies, funky clothes, talkers, the speechless, the serious, and the unhurried.

I find God really does have a sense of creativity, humor, and wisdom.

When I attend the Timberlake Church in Redmond, Washington, I definitely wear earplugs so as to enjoy the quality, yet loud music. When I attend the Albany Friends Meeting, however, I pull out my mental ear stops to enjoy the silent thoughts or prayer. The point of church is to appreciate group solidarity, not convert someone.

The Albany Friends or Religious Society of Quakers follow the tradition of gathering in silence, without the services of a designated pastor or minister. Although Quakers believe that political and other pro-action is important to improve this world, their meetings can sometimes include one hour of consecrated silence.

A few of the Quakers core beliefs are that God is love and that the light of God is in every single person and we can experience redemption and the Kingdom of Heaven now, in this world.


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One thought on “Church Hopper Visits Quaker Meetings

  1. CH May 15, 2012 at 11:26 pm Reply

    Good post . Sometimes Timberlake does a whole church service that is nothing but “worship” which opposite of the Quakers means the band plays for the whole time! Needless to say, that week I definitely opted for quiet time at home.

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