Getting the Whole Story Saves From Grief

After reading this “usually overlooked” story in the Bible, I couldn’t decide if it was the savvy bold woman who impressed me more, or the fact that good does not need to be destroyed with the bad.

Here’s the story from II Samuel 20, ESV:

King David has a slightly power-hungry Army Commander, Joab. Although Joab is faithful to King David.

At one point, “a worthless man, whose name was Sheba,” rebelled against King David. So Joab gets all worked up and goes after Sheba who hid in the city of Abel of Beth-maacah.”

Joab and his men were banging and battering the wall of the city, causing a terrible commotion of ruin. A “wise woman” bravely called out and asked to speak with Joab.

Fortunately, Joab himself had enough bravery to stop his destruction and listen to the practical woman. The woman pointed out that they were a peaceful and faithful people and then asked basically, “What is your problem?”

“Sheba,” answered Joab.

“Give me some time,” responded the woman. She went into the city and found the hiding Sheba, had his head cut off, and threw it over the wall to Joab.

Joab and his army leave town.



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