Dead or Alive

So, in the Bible we can read about the children of Israel asking for a King.

Samuel the Prophet selects Saul to be King. But, Saul turns out to be a dud. Sort of self-serving.

David is chosen to be the next king, and he waits patiently for King Saul to either get his act together or bury himself in his poor decisions. Saul decides on the later. But, before Saul dies, he gives his daughter, Michal, to David for a wife.

After Saul is dead, King David continues to serve God and the people the best he can.

Michal “despised him in her heart.” (II Samuel 6)

King David could feel her contempt and  sees she is the “dead burying the dead.” (Luke 9) But alas, he continues to care for Michal’s physical needs.

Her attitude of personal significance as the daughter of a previous king precluded Michal from rejoicing with progress. Even though she went on to live her life, she was living in the past, burying the dead, and ultimately showed no newness, no value.


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