Smearing Blood

Everything our physical senses detect is interpreted through the framework of our own personal nature and nurturing. That’s why quite often we all see, remember, and feel things differently.

We do have the ability to put our self in the shoes of others and therefore, get a bigger picture or a different interpretation.

We also have the ability to utilize our spiritual senses to interpret what we see and feel.

When I read about Moses and his escapades with Pharaoh and the Egyptians, the first reaction is to interpret it through my physical senses which try to grasp a God that turned water to blood and then brought about plagues of frogs, then gnats, then flies. Seriously, will the plagues on the Egyptians ever end? Nope. Not before Egyptian livestock die, another plague of boils occurs, hail blasts the crops, and an invasion of locust, Is there anything left to invade?

No time to think about that because then darkness falls in the land, before the ultimate plague; death of the first born in the houses of those who don’t paint blood on the entrance to their homes.

Whether all the catastrophes happened or not, doesn’t barb my mind. I am sure this can be interpreted through spiritual senses, divine Science, to find some meaning.

The Bible, granted, can be rather graphic and exaggerating, but the Book does give a unique view that covers thousands of years, showing the progressive understanding of God from a tyrannical, amateurish creator, to a God of Love and wisdom.

As for Moses and the account of God’s deliverance of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, I figure the menagerie of plagues symbolize the fact that there will never be one human event that human beings can mimic in order to feel deliverance from any form of slavery. It is one thing to honor and remember past deliverances, but today’s deliverance is going to be symbolized differently, because the point is, God delivers through love, humility, inspiration, and trust, not through a particular ritual.

Deliverance from the plagues of mortality, from bitter relationships, from a skeptical future, or from repeating outdated rituals, comes through a spiritual interpretation. Thank goodness we don’t smear blood all over our front entrances anymore. We don’t need to fear what is presented to us in life, because we can interpret it in a way that proves deliverance to Love, Life, Truth.


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