Last Day in France

Leah and Venus

Leah, Anthony, Venus and I went to Aix-en-Provence for lunch. French people don’t mind too terribly much if dogs eat at restaurants—totally different from the good old USA. But for us pet lovers, we think it’s pretty funny.

We also walked around Aix-en-Provence and admired the old buildings and churches.

There was a church built in the 8th century, however I was looking at it through 21st century knowledge, therefore finding little meaning.

History is fascinating, but there isn’t a lot of impetus in history unless meaning is found. As churches were carved out of rocks hundreds of years ago, our ideas concerning salvation, beauty, shelter, and wellbeing also need to be carved and shaped into what is practical and meaningful today.

Coincidentally, I am reviewing the 4th edition of the revision of 19th century Science and Health, a job that needs to be continually kept up, like those old buildings. The meaning becomes more and more evident. And I’ve been able to review the 4th edition with Venus sitting in my lap!


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