The Answer is the Answer

Prayer is used as a tool to work out a problem. Prayer is not the answer in and of itself.

If you were given the answer of 4, and then given the number 2 to figure out how to achieve a 4, you could work out the problem in multiple ways. For example, 2 plus 2, or 6 minus 2, or 8 divided by 2. The answer is 4. If you were then given a 3 to work with along with the 2, you could come to the answer of 4 with: 2 multiplied by 6 and then divided by 3.

Let’s say we are given the answer of health, and then we were given a body, along with prayer, to figure out how to achieve health. To exercise the body is not the answer. To pray prayers is not the answer. To think otherwise is to focus on the problem, not the answer. Moreover, that is why what works for us, exercise or prayer, does not work for everyone else.

But, when we keep the answer of health before our mind, and before the mind of the universe, the exercise, the prayers, and whatever other tools are incorporated into the activity of achieving health, are more effective.

From Science and Health, “Even so, harmony is universal, and discord is unreal. Divine Science declares that Mind is substance, also that temporal substance neither feels, suffers, nor enjoys. Hold these points strongly in view. Keep in mind the reality of being—that everyone is the image and likeness of God, in whom all being is painless and permanent.”

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