Don’t Postpone Taking the Wheel

In 1922, there were about 1,500 vehicles in Beijing, China, reported Peter Kessler in his book, Country Driving. Within another 10 years, China had fifty thousand miles of roads laid. An auto boom was in the air. Until the Japanese invade northern China in1937.

The war crippled the auto industry, postponing the boom over half a century because although the war ended, Leader Mao came to power and the Communist government made it impossible for the people to buy cars.

Finally, during the Reform years, a new reality motivated a new infrastructure on a major scale. New cars, new roads, and people getting their licenses, not an easy task when you have no motor skills for driving cars that can speed up to over 60 miles per hour.

It was one thing to learn on a Model-T, adapting to speeds of 14 miles per hour, but when you are given a car that has developed almost a century, the learning curve is a whole different ball-game. Fortunately, it is not impossible to catch up to speed, but the learning needs solid serious consideration, otherwise gross mistakes are made and accidents happen.

We can learn through understanding, not through the school of hard knocks.

The same goes for spiritual power.

If our spiritual progress was postponed, due to a conflict in our mind or the tyranny of outside forces, take a breath. It is not impossible to catch up to speed and be living out the new reality of spiritual power, but pay attention to the new learning curve. Take it a step at a time.

It is natural to look to a teacher when we are learning something new. But, if you find a teacher who assumes you see what they do, tell them to snap out of it. A person who is familiar with driving sees the road ahead, along with other cars, even the buildings being passed by. But, a neophyte does not.

Anytime we tackle a new experience, think and move methodically. We can speed up, increments at a time.

From Science and Health, “Evidence of progress and of spiritualization can definitely be seen in the world.”


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