Positive Deviance and Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr., another individual who lived up to a standard far surpassing what the common human mind could envision, even while hate, fear, self-righteousness, and stupidity tried to defeat his emphatic trust in love, justice, forgiveness, and wisdom.

But, courage, bravery, positive deviance, and insight have their Day.

Although the jealous and myopic minded may belittle Martin Luther King Jr., even thinking someone else would have done a better job of advancing the human rights movement, the bottom line is: no one else did lead. No one else did what needed to be done. Other leaders were busy busy busy defending the quickly dwindling territory they owned. Fortunately, many of those very leaders got their act together, dropped their agendas, and supported Martin Luther King Jr.

The human rights movement is not dead and certainly not reached a pinnacle. Because human beings have a habit of balking at positive deviances, God sent Christ-spirit to embolden humanity to act on that which God manifests: fairness, integrity, health, humor, purpose, activity, newness, and so on.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “A person’s gaze, fastened fearlessly on a ferocious beast, often causes the beast to retreat in terror. By meeting hateful prejudice with fearless love, Martin Luther King, Jr.[1] sent hate to its own defeat. These occurrences represent the power of Truth over error. Exercise the power of intelligence, to displace unintelligent behavior.”

[1]Luther King Jr., Martin (1929–1968) American Civil Rights Leader.


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