Junkies of All Sorts

Jeff junked the junky habit about four years ago, and now goes to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, instead of the bars. He began reading Science and Health, and after becoming acquainted with me, he asked why I don’t stress a habit of reading the book (he figured out, I can drop a bottle of booze in the garbage as fast as I can drop a Science and Health in the garbage). But why?

Human habits need to be watched carefully. Any habit can become addictive, leading to a myopic thought process that fails to make real progress. Granted, the dedicated habit of reading spiritual literature is better than getting drunk, but both mindsets make it doubly hard for an epiphany to take place. If a mindset strongly suggests or insists on, say, reading Science and Health, there is a lurking element of willfulness that can obstruct genuine healing.

It is the human mind’s determined habit to want a habit. When people ask me to tell them what to do, what to read, what to say, where to go, or what kind of sex is more spiritual (yep) I generally decline the request and pray to respond to the will of principled love and truthfulness.

Jeff began relating. He clearly remembers lying on the floor in jail and experiencing an epiphany of love. His turning point wasn’t due to some new habit. The new habits came afterward and improve each day out of love. There is no set standard of human behavior that guarantees healing, because inspiration and progress come from God, from within.



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