Crying at the Movies

I just had a good cry. At the movie theater. But then I cry when I watch movies, so that doesn’t mean this movie was extraordinary.

After locating the nearest movie theater online here in Seattle, I scrolled through the list of 10 movies and decided one of them looked decent, “New Year’s Eve.” The other movies looked to scary or too fast paced.

We haven’t had TV reception for over 25 years and let me tell you, the speed at which things move on the screen is ludicrously faster than it was back then, so I have to be shrewd about choosing which film to watch or my eyes get buggered.

Basically, most films are not only a lot of cut-n-paste fast action but they are full of good looking actors who never look tired. In New Year’s Eve, Robert De Niro died, but believe me, he didn’t look or talk almost dead. Probably a good thing, because I would have really bawled my head off then. My saving grace is that most movies today are quite unrealistic.

But, backing up, first I had to ask how to buy a ticket. The iPIC theater is like nothing I’ve seen before especially back home in upstate New York. I had a choice of seats, higher prices for seats that recline. Hostesses came around and took food and wine orders for those people who  preferred to eat while watching the film. I didn’t. And, I was the only one in the cheap seats!

New Year’s Eve was directed and produced by Garry Marshall. The message was one of love, hope, forgiveness, and 2nd chances. Cliche at its finest but let’s face it, a timeless message that human egos need to be constantly reminded of.

Happy forgiving meeting

Just last week, I myself responded to the foresight to move forward without a glitch in the memory bank. I contacted and met with someone I hadn’t talked to in probably 5 years. We did meet and it was fabulous. No hard feelings.  My gratitude to God was as cliche as the movie New Years Eve, but it was powerfully real.


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One thought on “Crying at the Movies

  1. annie December 29, 2011 at 7:34 am Reply

    (i almost saw that movie… ) i love the second part of your story, too..

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