Japanese Bushido

In between walking the dog and petting the cat, I’ve been working on the 4th edition of 21st Century Science and Health,  and reading. I’ve come across the book, Microtrends, by Mark Penn and couldn’t agree more with the idea read, “The one-size-fits-all approach to the world is dead.”

The ideas in Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health are rather definitive and could be revised over and over to accommodate the multifaceted thinkers in the world. Of course, Eddy admitted her ideas were not new. Spiritual principles have existed since time began. And, I’ve noticed them in another book I’m reading on Japanese Bushido.

From Science and Health, “Spirit, Mind forms its own images, subdivides and radiates their borrowed light, intelligence, and so explains the Scripture paraphrase, the seed is in itself. Thus God’s ideas “increase in number” and “fill the earth.”[1]Divine Mind supports the resplendency, magnitude, and infinitude of Her spiritual work.”

[1] Gen. 1:28



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