Dogs and I Sniff Differently

So, last night, I take a shower and afterward, pick up the towel to dry myself off, and the fire alarms are all triggered to send their piercing sounds throughout the house. Hamish runs to me and asks what is going on.

As I stand there dripping and buck naked, I sniff (no smoke) and tell him, “They will stop soon.” They did. It was all a bit nervy, but ironic. I know Hamish’s sniffer is better than mine however I had the knowledge of what a fire alarm is for and because there was no fire, I was not alarmed.

It reminds me of what I’ve learned in the study of Christian Science. As I gain spiritual knowledge, especially the knowledge that bad things are not reality, things in this world do not alarm me so much and answers are sooner found.

From Science and Health, “Children, like adults, should not just tell themselves not to be afraid of something scary. We have to understand the unreality of what scares us, otherwise, at any moment we may become a helpless victim. Instead of increasing fears by declaring a bogeyman or a disease to be real, merciless, and powerful, thus watering the very roots of helpless timidity, we should gain the spiritual understanding that assures us fear is groundless because ghosts and diseases are not realities, but are only a downward spiraling imagination, erroneous and human-made.

“Tell children not to believe in ghosts because there are no such things and explain the good that is worthy of respect and honor. If the thinking that ghosts are real is destroyed, terror from the ghosts will leave and health will be restored. Objects of alarm will then vanish, no longer seeming worthy of fear or honor. To accomplish a good result, it is certainly not irrational to tell the truth about ghosts.”



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