A Great Hard Life

A new acquaintance of mine brought Bruno Groening to my attention. Groening (1906-1959) became well known in Germany as a spiritual healer, however, he was such an incredible healer that the world reacted with a vengeance that literally consumed Groening from within. His goal in life apparently was to heal and give God credit, saying, “If you got your health back again, don’t thank me, thank God, He has done it!” As people came to receive, and did receive, healing, influential doctors, church officials, lawyers, and disgruntled followers put up a terrible front, wanting to stop Groening.

While contemplating the life of Groening, it seems as though during his short life of 53 years, he lived more than most people, by witnessing and representing the divine power which heals humankind. Groening was stalked but it stands to reason that it IS Truth that heals, not a human being, because spiritual healing is still happening around the world.

There must be a balance between healing others and healing our self.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “Today, we find around the world living witnesses and representatives to the virtue and healing power of Truth….The powers of this world will react and the old-guard will try to stop truth and make it submit to their human standards. However, Science, not distracted by threats or assaults, continues to progress. There is always some chaos; however a mobilization to truth’s standard is inevitable.”


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