Hooked on Change

The paradox between some things never changing, and constant change, pounds a big dent in our sensibilities. Self-help books tout the benefits of changing our lifestyle, our attitudes, and our habits. So, we vigorously make changes, quite often with the aid of spiritual resources. The changes are good. We feel more peaceful. For a while that is; because low and behold, our neighbor, co-worker, or spouse is not making changes and they are stealing our peace. Moreover, we can’t change them. Therefore another change is necessary. We move, find a different job, or leave the marriage.

But, if we can change our self, we can change others. It’s a rule. As we change, others change.

Unless of course, we are hooked on change, instead of really changing. In other words, exchanging one addiction for another addiction (albeit healthier) was not really a change, leaving us incapable of helping someone else change. The key is changing for the better without getting hooked on change.

Think about it.

From Science and Health,“Human thinking can change indefinitely and if the changes are without spiritual understanding, they are the merchandise of human thought and not the result of divine Science.

Does Deity help one worshipper and not help another who offers the same measure of prayer? In divine Science, where prayers are mental, all may profit from God as “ready to help when we need him.”[1]Love is impartial and universal in its spiritualization and generosity.

[1] Ps. 46:1 (NASB)


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2 thoughts on “Hooked on Change

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