Junk Mail

Most of the stuff that comes in my Post Office mail box is junk-mail. The amount of junk-mail we receive has not increased over the years because I diligently write to the junk-mail sender and ask them to take my name and mailing address off their mailing list. Most often, they do. Thank you.

The wrinkle is, this has been going on for over 15 years and we still get junk-mail.

However, frustration doesn’t solidify in my mind because I know the truth. I know how ridiculous the amount of junk mail would be if I didn’t take the time to request to be removed from mailing lists. Emmet Fox wrote in his book, Power Through Constructive Thinking, “The knowledge of truth is its own reward, and that reward is health, harmony, and prosperity, to begin with; but this is only the beginning.”

From Science and Health, “You embrace your body in your thought. Be sure to outline on the body thoughts of health, not of sickness. Make the effort to banish all thoughts of disease and sin and of other beliefs connected to mortality. Man and woman, being spiritual, have a perfect indestructible life.”

“Seeking isn’t sufficient. An all-out effort enables us to change for the better. Spiritual achievements open the door to a higher understanding of divine Life.”

“As people think, so are they. Mind is all that feels, acts, or interferes with action. Unaware of this, or shrinking from its implied responsibility, the healing effort is made on the wrong side, and thus the conscious control over the body is lost.


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