Richard the Cat Helps Me Understand

Belief, faith, and understanding are 3 stages I go through. Let’s take the example of my cat, Richard.

I clearly remember, years ago, when I believed cats should NOT be allowed in the house. But, that belief changed. Richard lives in the house now. Actually, Richard rules the house. Anyway, I realized beliefs are definitely changeable

However, I’ve also noticed that while believing it is okay to have Richard in the house, I now have a faith. I have a faith that Richard fills the house with entertainment and love.

Now, this faith is a happy faith, but a fear hovers around it because what if Richard wants to move outside or go live with my daughter’s dogs, Venus and Hammish?

This is when I look to expand my faith to understanding. I don’t try to change my faith, or increase or get a new faith. I try to understand.

I don’t try to understand why Richard will always want to live in the house with me and love me. I try to understand the love I feel and this is done through spiritual knowledge.

Divine Science teaches the knowledge that Love is universal, everywhere, and fully expressed. Apparently, the love I feel was always with me, Richard just helps me experience it to a greater depth. As I understand this spiritual love, the love grows and I feel loving which makes the love grow even more and I feel a deeper connection to infinite Love. I understand Love will surround Richard and me whether we are together or apart.

FromScience and Health, “Faith is substantial and more advanced than belief. Faith is a chrysalis state of human thought, in which metaphysical evidence, contradicting the testimony of physical sense, begins to appear, and Truth, the ever-present, is becoming understood. Human thoughts have their degrees of comparison. Some thoughts are better than others. A belief in Truth is better than a belief in error, but no mortal belief is founded on the divine rock. Mortal testimony can be shaken. Until belief becomes faith, and faith becomes spiritual understanding, human thought has only a marginal connection to the actual or divine.”



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One thought on “Richard the Cat Helps Me Understand

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