Sight of a Straight Leg Never Lost

When engaging a healing practitioner it is effective to know the practitioners intent. Not every healer is intent on making money, or getting you to church, or controlling you. Many, most, practitioners are faithful and honest and have a grand sight of spiritual goodness and Love.

Here is Leigh’s story:

Leigh was born with her left leg twisted. After a car accident in her 20’s, the leg was twisted more and she started having a lot of trouble with pain. Leigh attended a workshop on channeling and a gentleman spontaneously was “seeing” into people’s injuries and said he thought he could heal Liegh.

During the next series of lectures at the workshop, the gentleman sat with his hands on Leigh’s leg and after about 5 days her leg jerked up and there was a pop. The bone between the ankle and knees moved into place. Leigh now has a straight leg. Moreover, to further improve the muscles, Leigh has developed a movement class that combines a psychophysical method, body patterning, and yoga. Leigh’s blogs at

From 21st Century Science and Health, “Love never loses sight of loveliness. Its halo rests on its object. Isn’t it amazing that a friend is always beautiful? Men and women of seasoned years and increased wisdom ought to advance in spirituality and health, instead of lapsing into gloom and doom. Spiritual Mind renews the body with nice features. God supplies the body with beautiful images of thought; which destroy the complaints of mortal sense bent on bringing us to the grave.”


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One thought on “Sight of a Straight Leg Never Lost

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