Health Advice on Prunes

The October 16, 2011 Parade Magazine printed a statement by Bahram H. Arjmandi saying, “Prunes are rich in potassium and boron, which are known to increase bone mass.” The Magazine also reported that Florida State University researchers found that “women who eat 6 to 10 prunes a day have significantly higher bone density than women who nash on other fruit.”

I wonder:

How many women eat 6 to 10 prunes a day?

A lot of disbelief, or sarcasm, is generated by health advice like this.

I not only have a hard time believing women eat 6 to 10 prunes a day, but I also don’t want to eat 6 to 10 prunes a day myself. Moreover, I don’t want to fear bone loss while I eat other fruit. But all disbelief and sarcasm and fear fade as I focus on my spiritual journey.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “The fact is, food does not affect our absolute Life, and this becomes self-evident when we learn that God is our Life. Because sin and sickness are not qualities of Soul, or Life, we have hope in spirituality. Nevertheless, it would be foolish to stop eating a healthy balanced diet, or to stop exercising, until we gain perfection and a clear comprehension of the living Spirit. In that perfect day of understanding, we shall neither eat to live nor live to eat.”

The theory that eating 6 to 10 prunes a day seems rather stiff, if not unrealistic, however, I remind myself not to be unrealistic on my spiritual journey too. I really do need to eat healthy and exercise, because I still need to eat. I can’t just sit around and pray or meditate or talk about what I meditated about, and I certainly can’t expect others to either. So, if it feels like a good idea, I’ll eat a prune, but I’ll do so with a peace of mind knowing that God, Love, is my life.


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