Acupuncture As An Alternative Method of Healing

I meet multifarious healers, and before employing any of them, I recall what 19th century spiritual leader, Mary Baker Eddy said, “I should have more faith in an honest drugging doctor, one who abides by his statements and works upon as high a basis as he understands, healing me, than I could or would have in a smooth-tongued hypocrite or mental mal-practitioner.” (Miscellaneous Writings)

Eddy also wrote, and I’ll paraphrase, “If you aren’t healed through the prayers of a Christian Science Practitioner, be confident that God will guide you to the right use of temporary and eternal means of healing.”

There are many forms of healing and each one has their advocates. When choosing an alternative route of healing, I shy away from those who present their method as a “cure-all.” I also am very keen to pursue the least intrusive healing method. I’ve never tried acupuncture, but have a trustworthy friend who has, because it is was a better alternative to a chemical injection.

Acupuncture is a very ancient form of healing, rooted in the Taoist tradition at a time period when people would meditate and observe the flow of energy within and without while keen to observe their relationships with nature and the universe. The first known book of Chinese Medicine, The Classic of Internal medicine of the Yellow Emperor dates back to the first Century B.C. From the Qing Dynasty to the Opium Wars (1644-1840), herbal medicine became the main tool of physicians and Acupuncture was suppressed. The failures and complications of drugs naturally compelled a re-looking at Acupuncture and the method again became widely practiced eventually entering France in the 19th century and the United States in the mid-20th century.

There are many types of Acupuncture between the eastern and western thinkers. If you are guided to Acupuncture, I recommend clarifying your spiritual motive and discovering a practitioner attentive to the truth of wisdom, health, and harmony.


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2 thoughts on “Acupuncture As An Alternative Method of Healing

  1. chrislafferty49 June 8, 2012 at 12:12 pm Reply

    I never knew how powerful acupuncture was until I started having sessions. I was in a car accident on the Bronx Expressway last year and it has led me to have neck, shoulder, and back pain. I have been helped tremendously by my back specialist in NYC and by doing certain exercises, but I still wanted more options. The sessions I have been having at Zen Soul have really been beneficial. Feels a little funny at first but it is worth it!

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