Independent Thinkers Come in All Ages

The 4th edition of the revision and update of 21st Century Science and Health is in progress, a very invigorating timeThe chapter at hand is Power of Suggestion, which offers an interesting colloquy about peer pressure and crowd thinking.

When we are inspired to do something original, we will will be attacked by the purist or fundamentalist. However, we can understand enough of what is going on to keep moving forward with the original idea and let the attacks ricochet back to the attacker. Throughout history purists exhibit an extremely short attention span which convinces themselves that the status quo of the last 40 years has existed forever and needs defending. The defense will come as an outright disregard, or a nicey nice person talking you out of moving forward because hard work is involved.

Here is an important idea to stew over: “When Christian Science and impulsive crowd thinking are both comprehended, as they will be at no distant date, it will be seen why honest, hardworking people are unfairly persecuted and even undermined by wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Fortunately, the advancements in mind research have proven crowd thinking needs to be guarded against. Therefore, humanity is stepping up to the plate and working even harder to develop original ideas. And, this fact was proven to me the very day I was revising the chapter on the Power of Suggestion.

The phone rang and the caller asked, “Cheryl, can you come to Hoyt Park right now and write up an article for the newspaper about the tweens activity we have going on right now?” The original reporter did not show.

“Well, sure,” I responded, disregarding the hot tea I had just brewed to sip.

I dressed warm and hopped on the motorcycle to drive to Hoyt Park to cover the story. Volunteer adults had brought art supplies to Hoyt Park for kids to make paper mâché projects and to paint blocks, rocks, or canvas. The volunteers have formed under the Community Action Network Program with the goal to provide extracurricular activity that continues to let children develop in a healthy creative environment.

The group of kids and volunteers was vibrant and it was an honor to see how the law of Love and Truth devastates idle or confused thinking. This is a positive activity that could not to be disregarded. Good-will, originality, attentiveness, wholesome socializing, and delight were prevalent and alive in the family of humanity and the community.


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