Competitors Can Form an Alliance for the Greater Good

Historical facts have a way of discombobulating the minds assumptions. For example, I grew up during the Cold War. Russia was the bad guy. No one wanted to travel to Russia. Even all the war movies depicted Russia as the enemy.

So when I listen to the audio-book Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship, by Jon Meacham, read by Len Cariou, it strikes me as odd that Russia’s Joseph Stalin was an ally to Britain and America as they fought against Hitler.

During the Revolutionary War, America and Britain were enemies. Americans, who were friends, became enemies as some Americans who thought America was better off under the control of Britain were pitted against the Americans fighting for independence.

This foe/ally anomaly is not exclusive to politics. Competitors can come together for a greater good. A health problem may open the door for people who never wanted to listen to one another’s view, to actually sit down and listen and figure out an answer to solve the health problem.

A poor economy can encourage people to form an alliance to stave off unnecessary deprivations. A hurricane can bring people together to save a town, people who didn’t think they had anything in common and even got on each others nerves.

What greater good unites us all to become allies fighting for life and love?

Rising water from rain

Hurricane Irene damage last week in upstate New York


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