Fortunate Events Swirled with Hurricane Irene

The impact of Hurricane Irene wiped out electricity around here for 3 days…unfortunate.

My daughter, Carly, who was visiting from Seattle, Washington, and I got to talk and laugh in candle light….fortunate.

Carly’s plane was delayed to go home…unfortunate.

Carly and I got to spend an extra 30 hours together. She cooked me dinner and made tiramisu….fortunate.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “As we become better acquainted with the Science of being, we are better able to communicate with the divine Mind. Spiritual knowledge not only allows people to foresee and foretell events which concern the universal welfare, but it also inspires people divinely to reach the dimension of unfettered Mind, Spirit….The events of spiritual ascension are the days and seasons of Mind’s revelation, in which beauty, magnificence, purity, and holiness (the divine nature) appear in spiritual beings and the universe, never to disappear.”

Carly's visit was fortunate, fun, fabulous, full



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