Rabbi says God is a Verb

I am reading the book, God is a Verb, by Rabbi David A. Cooper, and was struck when he asked whether or not we are listening to the inner voice that asks, Is this real? Or, what are my priorities in life? Cooper’s thoughts include:

“The nervousness and breathlessness that accompany our constant need for more time have fed an illness of epidemic proportion during the last half of the twentieth century. Not many people yet realize the severity of this affliction. I used to refer to it as the “time demon,” but now the world has become infected with what I call TDS, pronounced “tedious,” which stands for Time Deficiency Syndrome.

“A major symptom of this disease is a distorted sense of priority. Whenever work encroaches upon personal relationships and the relationships take a backseat, this is TDS. Tens of millions of marriages and family relations suffer because so many people have their priorities confused.

“Another symptom is the dependency on the “quick fix.” Pharmaceutical companies have become rich because we seek instant relief for aching bodies and depressed minds. It is far simpler to take a painkiller than to work with the stress causing the disease.

“One of the more important secrets of mystical teaching is hidden in our desire to connect with the Divine…But the urge to be with the Divine is not sufficient.”

Rabbi Cooper proceeded to clarify the need to involve ourselves in activities that heal, that minimize self-destructive activities and re-prioritize our life.

Cooper’s book holds some interesting ideas. Although it seems to go off on tangents every now and then, I’ll keep reading it. In the meantime, my new book is out Marriage: Sink or Swim, click below on the book cover for availability.

Marriage: Sink or Swim, now available


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