Alien Spirituality

Worldly views and spiritual views seem strange to one another. A materialist thinker may have difficulty fathoming why a person on a spiritual path values meditation over money, or humanitarian efforts over efforts to climb the cooperate ladder. Spirituality may appear alien, however divine spirituality comes with an understanding that disallows alienation. Human beings can still work together toward universal good-will even when on different paths.

Sweet examples of this unity are witnessed every day between people and their pets. A 1997 PBS Nature film titled, “Dogs,” portrays the fact that, although people and animals are significantly alien to one another, they still develop profoundly amazing relationships.

Unity follows the recognition of innate elements in each of us. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, 1000 x’s greater than human beings. Dogs know and hear things before we do. We have the ability to train and with great patience and love can train a dog to utilize his/her unsurpassable skills, instinct, and dedication to be guide dogs or search and rescue dogs.

Spirituality may appear alien not only to others, but even to our self when we change our lifestyle and ways of thinking, only to find wonderful results. However, there is no need to feel alienated. As we take our spiritual journey one step at a time, we find Love’s bond never breaks.

Shep showed me that a sixth sense does exist


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