Spirituality Can’t be Duplicated

Master print maker, James Reed, imparted some of his knowledge on the history and process of printmaking. His niche in print work is his familiarity to original prints. Over the last 40 years Reed has become quite an expert in prints and printmaking as done in the 1400’s, 1500’s, and 1800’s, which has in turn qualified him to be able to verify the authenticity of old prints and become a successful collector of original prints.

Reed knows, a fake is only worth the paper its printed on. And, because he knows the how, what, and where of prints, a fake can’t be passed off as an original.

This principle applies to spirituality also. Familiarity with divine Spirit and its nature helps us detect fraudulent pictures of our spirituality. Too often, thoughts about ourself, “I’m ugly. I’m the prettiest in the room, etc. ” present themselves as genuine and genuinely our own thoughts. however, under the magnifying glass of spiritual knowledge, we can detect if those thoughts are true, or only worth the vibe they came on.

Spirit knows universal beauty, shining forward in thoughtfulness and health. Our genuine spiritual nature can’t be duplicated. We don’t have 2 natures. Spirit is. We are spiritual. Beauty is spiritual, to be shared.


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